Consumer Financial Distress Research Project
Private Student Loan Project with Xiaoling Ang

Working Papers

Dirty Debts Sold Dirt Cheap: Systemic Illegality in Consumer Debt Collection [download] [view contracts database]


Private Student Loans and BAPCPA: Did Four-Year Undergraduates Benefit from the Increased Collectability of Student Loans? with Xiaoling Ang
Forthcoming in UpJohn Press Volume [download]

Improving the Lives of Individuals in Financial Distress Using a Randomized Control Trial: A Research and Clinical Approach with Jim Greiner, Lois Lupica, and Rebecca Sandefur
20 Geo. J. on Poverty L. & Pol’y 499 (2013) [download]

The Distribution of Assets in Consumer Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases
83 Am. Bankr. L.J. 795 (2009) (peer-reviewed) (Winner, Judge John R. Brown Award for Excellence in Legal Writing) [download]

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